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The main causes of this organization are:

  • To address psychological traumatic experiences faced by mothers with babies of┬áBrain and spinal cord damage.
  • To ensure the babies of brain and spinal cord damage acquire their basic needs i.e medical treatment, education among others.
  • To sensitize men on the disease hence stopping domestic violence on these mothers and also learn to accept these babies as their own children
  • To ensure mothers enjoy their rights and life as they care for their babies
  • To provide pre – post counseling and guidance sessions to enable mothers share experience
  • To provide therapeutic support, advise to mothers in different aspects of life, encourage and support them achieve their goals.
  • To conduct community reach out to members with very sick babies and those who have lost theirs and direct them on new start of life.
  • To construct Miracle center for mothers to conduct edutainment on social days to enable these mothers meet different people sharing their experiences and learn more on how to go about the situation.
  • To construct an ECD for the children with brain and spinal cord damage
  • To offer respites to babies so that mothers can have a time to do anything in their interest as are always caring for the babies all the time and have no body to care for them in their absence.
  • To promote women economic empowerments through training mothers in skills that can enable them start viable projects.
  • To encourage continuing education after the frustration through FAL classes and early childhood care and education
  • To make interventions related to HIV/AIDS care and support among various families which have these children