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WSISFU Organization Scholarships


WSISFU Scholarships are given to talented individuals with the potential to make a positive impact on the global stage.

As part of the Africa’s ongoing commitment to the Common goal, each year around over 100 students are given the chance to undertake postgraduate degrees with European universities.

If you are from a developing country and believe you could make a difference to the world but you can’t afford to fund your European studies on your own, then you could be the ideal candidate for a WSISFU Scholarship.

What is the WSISFU Scholarship?

The WSISFU Scholarship scheme is aimed at students from across the low developing countries who would not otherwise be able to afford to study in Europe. By funding postgraduate studies in a range of different study formats, the scheme helps to support future innovators and leaders.

This historic award is the WSISFU’s primary scholarship scheme focused on supporting Africa’s international development goals. It is designed to attract outstanding talents to European universities whilst also supporting sustainable development overseas.

There is no restriction on what you can study but the WSISFU Scholarship Commission gives priority to applicants whose studies are most relevant to their development criteria.


What financial support is available?

Most scholarships are fully funded which means that, as well as covering your tuition fees, you will also receive your airfare to and from the selected European country and a living allowance to support you while you are there.


How to apply?

Depending on which scholarship you are applying for, you may need to apply through the application form attached below. To find out details on how to apply for each of the scholarships, please visit the WSISFU application page. APPLICATION FORMS FOR SCHOLARSHIPS


What do I need to apply?

To begin your online application, you’ll need a scanned copy of your passport or National ID, your academic transcript, your existing university degree certificate, two references and, if you have one, your admission letter.


What is the deadline for applications?

Annual deadlines for applications are usually in December.

Further Guidance

More helpful information for your application